About Me

Hi and welcome to Seeking Frills! My name is Gale Laidlaw.  I am a wife, mother of three boys and a nurse practitioner living in sunny Glendora California.  Now that I am finished with grad school, I decided to finally share my personal style and love of beautiful things with the world. This blog is a creative outlet for me.  I hope that it will be fun and inspiring for my readers.  This blog is about expression and is a form of journaling for me.  What I wear expresses my mood at a specific moment in time.  It is basically photo-documentation of my evolving style.  I hope I will look back on previous posts with nostalgia and fond memories.  I wish my grandmother and mother took more photos of what they wore or did regularly.  It would have given me a glimpse into their lives and therefore a more intimate understanding of their experiences and personalities.  I hope this blog does that for my children.  I love mixing prints, finding color combinations that make your mouth water, and sewing and designing clothes for myself that are fun to wear.  I also love to make easy simple DIY updates to my wardrobe that I will share here.  I enjoy mixing vintage and low end with high end designer pieces.  I love unusual and interesting combinations and details.  I am a seeker of anything lovely, Enjoy!